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Joshua Walker  
At Walker Properties Remodeling / Construction we believe in American entrepreneurship.  We believe in the American spirit, hard work and the American ways that built this country from the ground up.  We live each day to continue that way of life of self reliance, integrity, respect, freedom and helping others. 
Walker Properties is a family owned operation. The company comes out of a former family company started in the 1980’s by Josh Walker's father Steve Walker. Steve Walker owned Walker Homes building construction business for nearly 20 years, which Josh Walker grew up around and had personal experience with the home building business and process. Steve Walker retired in the year 2000. 

Josh Walker, with two decades of experience, has a continuing vision of making life in North Texas a better place to live for families, individuals and organizations. 

20 years ago Josh Walker earned a degree in Architecture. Having an Architecture degree he has studied design, construction, structures and building materials, among other things.  

After graduating from college, in his 20's, he moved onto working with 3 different Architecture firms for about a decade and gained valuable experience. Josh Walker has been a part of building many various types of buildings and remodeling projects.

In his 30's, he owned and managed a Financial Planning Practice for about a decade gaining valuable experience in investing, budgeting, taxes, insurance, customer care and managing a  business.  

Overall, Josh Walker has extensive knowledge and experience in business, real estate, finance, investing, architecture, design, residential and commercial construction. 

Construction, remodeling and design are our passion. And it shows in our work and finished product.
Committed to helping individuals and families live better lives
About Walker Properties Remodeling / Construction
- Architecture Degree, 1997

- After College worked with 3 Architecture firms and have been involved with many design and construction projects such as:

  •  15 courtyard apartments redesign and renovation off of Gaston and Live Oak east of downtown Dallas

  •  Renovating and design of Texarkana ISD

  •​  Schools, Churches, Retail strip centers, Fire Stations, Office Buildings and Residential.

- Real Estate License, 2001,  ​Small World Realty LLC is Broker of Record

- CFP, Certified Financial Planner, 2006

- AAMS, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, 2007

- BFA, Business Financial Advisor, 2005

- Series 7 Federal Securities license, 2002

- Series 66 State Securities license, 2002

- Group 1 Texas Insurance license, 2002

- Involved with many new home, remodeling, design and construction projects

Josh Walker has a commitment and passion for construction, design, real estate and in renovating properties for organizations, families and individuals here in North Texas.  ​
Owner / Contractor / Designer / Real Estate